There is a War, This is a Weapon

Taken from Earth Crisis' "Gommorah's Season Ends" (1996) CD booklet


THERE IS A WAR. The Unseen Holocaust continues. Indigenous people in Hawaii, Central and South America, Australia, the United States, and around the globe are being robbed of their lands, their cultures, and their lives. The United States takes a predominant role in this destruction, as its racist government and economy capitalize off the resources of people with less power. THIS IS A WEAPON. To make people in privileged positions in this country aware of our responsibility for the oppression of indigenous people. To become allies to organizations such as Ka Lahui Hawai’i and AIM (American Indian Movement) that are fighting hard for their survival. To stop the Unseen Holocaust… THERE IS A WAR. One out of every four women are raped. Among those numbers are sisters, mothers, and friends. THIS IS A WEAPON. To teach men to unlearn the lessons we are taught: That women are objects to be acted upon and dominated. To teach men to channel our rage from our Broken Foundations into something useful instead of something destructive and deadly. To bring real justice in cases of rape and to make the streets safe for our sisters… THERE IS A WAR. The times of violent racist attacks did not vanish with abolition and desegregation. In the past year over thirty southern black churches were burned. It was not until one attended by a national football star was burned that the media paid any attention to these atrocities. THIS IS A WEAPON. To tell white people that we have a need and an obligation to use the privilege of our skin color to ensure that no another church is burned, that not another person of color is brutalized by racist police, that another person of color is denied his or her rights and taken as a political prisoner on false charges…THERE IS A WAR. The violent attacks on gays continue. In Colorado, legislation has been passed which permits explicitly homophobic hiring practices. Same-sex marriages are still not recognized. THIS IS A WEAPON. To demonstrate to heterosexuals that gayness is natural and beautiful and that it is not a threat to their existence. To make being openly gay safe and to make the pain of the closet part of a mystical past… THERE IS A WAR. Animals and the Earth are still thought of as resources for the humans to use in any way we choose. Millions of animals are tortured and killed each year for food, clothing, and research. The clear cutting of forests destroys thousands of species of life that are rare, beautiful, and centuries old. THIS IS A WEAPON. To bring the New Ethic into fruition. To demonstrate to mainstream environmentalists that we must save the earth and animals not only so we will have a nice things to look at, but because these beings have their own inherent value. To illustrate that, in the context of the industrialized nations, the use of animals for food, clothing, and product research is unnecessary and it is therefore unjust. To bring the earth and animals Deliverance from destruction. THIS IS A WEAPON, not only to destroy all forms of oppression, but also to celebrate the beauty of all our different cultures, races, sexualities, genders, religions, species. But the war is so much bigger and goes so much deeper than all things. THIS IS A WEAPON to strike down every demon, to end every form of oppression, to bring Gomorrah’s Season to an End by all means necessary. By tomorrow.


Taken from Earth Crisis’ “Gommorah’s Season Ends” (1996) CD booklet.

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