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Gig Report: Their Methlab in Sofia

Athens' Their Methlab and Plovdiv's Черен Щъркел brought emotions in the rainy Saturday night.

Another weekend passed, luckily with another local DIY gig to brag about!

their methlab poster1Their Methlab came from Athens for their first show abroad, as a part of their “Last Second” tour.  Their new album is called “The Last Second”, but it’s not because they booked the gigs in the last second. Hope this clears it out. In fact, they were one of the better organized bands I’ve dealt with, so kudos for them for being really professional. DIY doesn’t have to be shit, right?

In fact, Their Methlab were such a great band to deal with. Unlike many, they arrived early in Sofia, set up the stage really quick, had an amazing sound guy who generously helped us have a great overall sound for the night.

Same goes for local newcomers Черен Щъркел (Black Stork). I witnessed their first gig ever probably a month ago in their hometown Plovdiv. I thought that they are really fresh, so we talked about bringing them over to Sofia to play in the future.

Черен Щъркел

Well, the future is now and we meet in our home base Fabrika Avtonomia to set up another DIY LIVE.

Their Methlab load in their gear super fast and take charge over the PA. They run a studio and a small venue for DIY gigs in their hometown Athens, so naturally they know how to do things right. Their help is immaculate and they give the younger band a helping hand for their soundcheck.

After setting up we spend a good hour of talking and exchanging gig/tour stories with the bands. Doing DIY shows is a great way to meet like-minded people and new friends. It’s also a great way to see how people from around the globe self-organize in one way or another in order to fulfill their dreams, make their situation bearable and generally better.

It’s a Saturday evening and a small but strong group of people are already eager to hear the bands.

We start a little after 9:30 PM and Черен Щъркел open the show with their own blend of psych rock. With very few shows behind their backs, the band has audible progress and sound tighter and bigger than the first time I saw them live. They play for 30-40 minutes but some of their tunes stuck in my head for days. These youngsters have an unadulterated and innocent energy to their sound, and I hope they stick around for long enough to see where this journey will eventually take them.

Черен Щъркел

Young blood is always a good thing in any scene, and honestly I think we should encourage more new local bands to take part in the self-organized scene. It’s a first time for both bands tonight, and both bands sound really fresh!

Their Methlab deliver their signature post-rock/shoegaze meets post-hardcore sounds. These three guys are really, really tight! I highly recommend you catch them live of this tour if you have the chance. Their sound is really something and somehow they managed to make our tiny venue sound like a million fuckin’ bucks.

Their Methlab

Their Methlab play over an hour and the audience is very accepting, kudos to all the people who supported this gig.


We finish the night with a massive late night vegan pasta feast and loading the van. On the next day Their Methlab have a long drive to Timișoara, so they try to get some rest as soon as possible.

M0000-016-033Huge thanks to the people who came and supported the gig with donations or simply being there, and especially to the people who opened their hearts and homes to host out our friends from the bands. Really, this is what DIY is all about.

Their Methlab squad

For Kontingent Records, I think we will keep quieter during the summer months, since there is a lot of stuff going on recently besides organizing local shows. I really can’t wait to share all this nice new thing once the time is right! This last gig will warm our hearts for a long time.

Here’s some good ol’ analog photos for your viewing pleasure.


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