The Truth – Tenzija EP

...a six track slab of thrashy hardcore punk with a Balkan political vibe


Artist: The Truth

Title: Tenzija

Release: EP

Year: 2016

Label: Burina Records, Destroy It Yourself, DHP-AK47, FFUD Rec, Mad Schnauzer Records, Mentalna Smrt Fanzine, Rauha Turva, You Are Not Normal Records

The Truth is the only all-member straight edge band in ex-Yugoslavia right now and an important vehicle for the development of DIY hardcore punk on the Balkans since the early 2000s. If I’m correct, the band has started back in 2002 in the town of Kraljevo in Serbia as The Truth of XXX.

During the second part of ’90s Kraljevo was the hotspot of activism with politically charged bands that were part of the “Over the Walls of Nationalism and War” movement, spreading anti-militarist messages in an atmosphere of war, division and prejudices. The Truth’s guitar player Vojkan was also a participant in this honest effort to make DIY punk a community based around the ideas of peace and understanding between people divided by borders and fearmongering nationalist propaganda.

So when the The Truth started playing they were also a band living up to these ideals, a positive (but political) straight edge band sharing members between Serbia and Croatia. Members of The Truth were (and still are) involved in many other activities besides playing in the band—booking shows, running distros and labels, and above all, publishing, editing and contributing to many different fanzines (JedanPoJedan, Last Breath, EX-YU Straight Edge Bulletin).

The Truth’s latest seven-inch EP called Tenzija (Tension) was released in 2016 and continue the tradition with a slab of fast and punchy “old school” hardcore songs backed by a great message. The highlight of the record is the song “Braća ponovo” (Brothers Again) dedicated to Gajo, the Croatian ex-drummer of The Truth and the story behind their friendship with The Truth’s guitarist Vojkan.

The vinyl was pressed in 530 copies as a cooperation of many DIY labels all over Europe. This is a product of really great ethics about what hardcore punk is and should be about. The music may not be the most original and complicated stuff you’ll ever hear but if you’re not interested in DIY punk probably you’re reading the wrong webzine!

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