The Horrid – El demo horrible

Horror and pestilence fills the streets of Chile!

the horridArtist: The Horrid

Title: El demo horrible

Release: Tape / Digital

Year: 2019

Label: Misfortune Records

From Santiago, Chile, come this horror-filled hardcore punk band, fast, reverberant and lo-fi. From the same place that gave birth to bands like El Antagonista (Tobi Records) and the same label (Misfortune Records) that released things by bands like Maldición, Suicide Club and Insecurity, these three people are releasing their first tape (and the 7th of the label) into the putrid world. Let’s check it out a bit.

Horror themed punk and rock has been a thing in Chile for a while, with acts like Letifer and Don Zata, but not so much in the pure and classic Misfits style. Lyrics about mysteries, apathy, anger, nonconformity, the misery that cloaks us, the decaying corpse of cities and so-called progressive countries, all of this expressed in one intro track and three punk songs with distorted guitars and a echoing voice.

It is to be noted that despite the name of the tape, the lyrics are sung in English, something that is not that common nowadays in Chile, but that was a very normal thing more than 10 years ago and that bands like Remission (a great band, by the way) still do.

The intro is a dark instrumental song, with strings and sytnhs creating a goth atmosphere perfect to introduces us into the world of The Horrid. Then comes the song named “Horrid”, a classic horror punk themed banger, with a constant pulse, galloping, that changes into the more nuanced “He hates”, with more changes in rhythm. Closing  is the track “Nightmare”, a bit more melodic than the rest.

If you love both hardcore from the 80s and the 90s and are into the darks side of the mind and the sickness of the world, this might be just the thing for you.

The tape comes with 4-panel card with info, lyrics and more and is spray-painted. A really beautiful work.

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