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The Great Escape – No Turning Back

Austrian hardcore with the classic 80's vibe

the-great-escape-no-turning-backArtist: The Great Escape

Title: No Turning Back

Release: 12″ LP / Digital

Year: 2018

Label: Self-Released

The Great Escape formed in 2010 by four good friends from the Austrian town of Linz, and their friendship still holds true to this day.

“No Turning Back” is a straight up hardcore record without any song writing pretensions. It’s brisk, short and straight to the point. The first 8 tracks are made in the studio, while the others are recorded live from a show.

Every song has a catchy 80s punk-rock vibe with hints of 7 Seconds, Minor Threat, SSD, but also reminds me of some old German and Dutch bands. The overall message is positive, while still carrying an underlying spirit of political resistance. Negative Approach is another obvious influence here, and The Great Escape are actually doing their take on “Ready To Fight”.

On the negative side, I feel like the vocals are a big let down to me. The singer is lacking the needed aggression and doesn’t make anything to avoid sounding too generic. I don’t want to ruin this review by saying that, but I would expect more from the vocal delivery in the future.

The vinyl was self-released by the band in 300 handnumbered copies. Old school hardcore from a band that give it all to the scene. It’s about long-lasting friendships, circle-pits and being true to the do-it-yourself ethos at every step of your band’s career.

Still, it may sound way too generic if you’re looking for something more interesting within the hardcore scene.

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