The Annihilated – Demo (2020)

NWOBHC is coming strong with this one

the-annihilated-demo-2020Artist: The Annihilated

Title: Demo

Release: Tape / Digital

Year: 2020

Label: Self-Released

Londoners Arms Race crawled onto the scene with their acclaimed six-track demo in 2013 and a raging 7″ EP in 2014, managing to forge the arguably done-to-death formats of old-fashioned early 80s American hardcore, gnarly British punk and beefy Oi! stompers into a gruesome cold weapon with a superior chopping and slashing power.

Their remorseless attitude and no-frills hardcore assault hadn’t gone unnoticed but paved the way for a daring bunch of bands unified under the moniker of the New Wave of British Hardcore (NWOBHC) in the late 2010s.

One of the newest bands to emerge from the British hardcore punk scene is undoubtedly The Annihilated. Comprised of solid lads who’ve played in acts such as Arms Race and Toronto, Canada’s masters of noise-drenched, grisly hardcore SHIT,  The Annihilated are worth all the underground hype right now.

In their debut rife, The Annihilated adhere to a path of simplicity playing an unabashedly raw, ugly and aggressive form of UK82 influenced hardcore punk the way it has to be. The lyrics are also on point being a bold and sharp articulation of punk’s antifascist and anti-nationalist political strife, which totally makes sense after the latest elections held in the United Kingdom last year.

This demo is a total banger from start to finish, a rough recording meant to be played at max volume. NWOBHC is coming back strong in 2020!

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