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Terrifying Girls’ High School – Self-titled EP

The emo band you will be hitting replay over and over again until you get sassed up for the rest of your adulthood

Artist: Terrifying Girls’ High School

Title: Self-titled EP

Release: Tape / Digital

Year: 2016

Label: Emocat Records

Terrifying Girls’ High School, consisting of Black Knight Satellite, DBLSTNDRDS, Raccoon Eyes and Dog Thermos, come from Vancouver of British Columbia. Their music is that of a mixture of Post-Hardcore, Screamo, Art Punk and is reminiscent of Three One G renaissance classics like Swing Kids, The Locust, The Plot to Blow Up The Eiffel Tower and The Blood Brothers and also a part of the ‘Sass’ revival in 2016.

On our way of listening to one of their tracks “Dust Up at Cthulhu Saloon as they open themselves for us. In our ears, we are being painted with the trails of funky and colorful growing pain(t)s and bassy paintbrushes whipping our faces while we are overhearing the ramblings of a mad painter until everything gets thrown at us in a such chaotic level. So much for ‘staying alive’?

Next onto ‘Picking Poisons’ were there’s two vocals than on the previous tracks, causing an amazing avalanche of wordy paranoia and fear, much to the nods of The Plot to Blow the Eiffel Tower. Lyrically, one vocalists speaks of a cocaine addiction and the other is talking about a nightmarish scenario of being stuck in a perilous situation.

I am in favor of hitting replay over and over again until i get sassed up for the rest of my adulthood. Looking through to hear more from them. I mean MORE!

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