Kaca Punk

What is Kaca Punk?

Kaca Punk (κατσα πάνκ in Greek, pronounced as ka-tsa pank) is a subgenre of Greek hardcore punk.

There are two main definitions for it, one focusing on its musical side and another on its sociological side.

Musically, it is characterized by its raw production quality, lack of proper musical equipment, its indifference for musical skills, and vitriolic lyrics with anti-consumerist sentiments. Sociologically, in the olden (pre-internet) days, it was directly connected to the rural punks that didn’t carry the distinct stylish look the city punks had, consciously or not, but instead found new extreme looks to disturb their local communities.


There are some theories concerning the origins of the name, one claiming that it comes from the word katsaplias (κατσαπλιάς in Greek) which means a looter, and another theory that it comes from katsarolika (κατσαρολικά in Greek) which is the plural form for kitchenpot (from the sound of their typical drum beats).

Kaca Punk holds a DIY, squatter, party and nihilistic approach to life and is known for the cult following it drew in its disastrous concerts throughout Greece. Most hardcore punk, d-beat, raw punk bands in Greece nowadays don’t fit the term anymore because of the change of times, but it’s guaranteed that you can find a part of its legacy in most of them.

Kaca Punk Bands

Some distinct kaca punk bands include ANIA, Ραδιενέργεια (Radienergia), Βανδαλούπ (Vandaloup), Αχαΐρευτοι (Axaireutoi), Παράσιτα (Parasita), Απολίτιστοι (Apolitistoi), Καρκίνωμα (Karkinoma), Απόγνωση (Apognosi), Απομόνωση (Apomonosi), Κοινωνική Αποσύνθεση (Kinoniki Aposinthesi), Κομοδίνα (Komodina), Kontra RIP, and Chaos GR.

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