Very few countries can pride themselves on having an 1980s punk scene as classic as Finland. Finncore is the name given to the early ’80s vintage Finnish hardcore represented by the likes of Kaaos, Rattus, Lama, Totuus, Riistetyt, Terveet Kädet, Kirous, Bastards, Aivoproteesi, Antikeho, Mellakka, Äpärät, Uutuus, Appendix, Kansan Uutiset, Tampere SS, etc.

The sound of all this early Finnish hardcore punk is deeply rooted in the tradition of Swedish hardcore and British anarcho-punk. Their style is, however, characterized by a raw, “garage” guitar tone, primitive bass lines and a certain contempt for rhythm as the drums are always lagging behind the “frostbitten” vocals, whether it’s intentional or their drummers were just drunk all the time.

As with many other classic scenes from the ’80s, the style has surpassed their national borders long time ago and you do not need to live in Finland to play Finncore anymore. Examples of international bands playing classic Finncore include Rajoitus (Sweden), Laukkaus (Japan), Kirottu (US), Räjähtää (Greece), and many more. There’s a whole new generation of bands, both in Finland and elsewhere, who still try emulate the vintage Finncore sound in the 21st Century.

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