Egg Punk vs. Chain Punk

What is Egg Punk / Chain Punk?

The great Egg Punk vs. Chain Punk divide refers to a series of Instagram memes and exploitable comparison charts representing polarities in sound, artwork and aesthetics within the DIY punk scene. Albeit the meanings of these terms are to some degree hazy, “chain punk” usually refers to hardcore punk in the more traditional, raw and violent sense, while “egg punk” alludes to a punk with milder, goofier and experimental character.

Origins of Egg Punk vs. Chain Punk Meme

The first “Egg Punk vs. Chain Punk” comparison dates back to August 7th, 2017, when Instagram user @memelifecrew posted a four-panel image, a variation of the infamous Peter Parker’s Glasses meme. The meme depicted the recurring elements in the artwork, merch design and aesthetics found in modern DIY punk bands. On the one hand, we have the medieval mace weapons, skulls, chains, BDSM accessories, barbwire, roses and prison style tattoos, on the other hand, there’s a more bizarre, pastel colors, and goofy style artwork of other, more unorthodox punk bands.

On July 10th, 2018 Instagram users @_xanaxl_rose_2000 and @wingdings_911 created a hand drawn chart with the names of various hardcore punk bands, which were placed within the two “chain punk” and “egg punk” spectrums (with some bands overlapping).

According to the chart, “chain punk” is represented by modern bands, fusing traditional NYHC and Boston-style hardcore with influences from Discharge and Anti-Cimex type of d-beat and classic Japanese hardcore. It is constituted by bands like Perdition (NYC band, taking its name from an EP of the influential UK band Disorder), Krömosom (Australia), Inferno (Sweden), Inmates (Cleveland, Ohio), Omegas (Canada), Creeping Dose (NYC), and many other US and international bands like Warthog, Cülo, Blazing Eye, Sadist, Green Beret, Urchin, Devil Master, Subversive Rite, Ajax, Slimy Member, PMS84, Blotter, S.H.I.T., Eel, and Massachusetts based band HOAX referred to as “the chain punk band for eggpunks”.

Releases on labels like La Vida Es Un Mus, Static Shock, Toxic State, Roachleg, Beach Impediment, Bunker Punks, Hardcore Holocaust, Iron Lung Records, bands featured in Razorblades and Aspirin zine and festivals like the K-Town Hardcore Fest in Copenhagen and Chaos in Tejas in Texas are usually considered “chain punk”.


The “egg punk” spectrum of the chart is represented by bands like Beta Boys (Olympia, Washington, originally from Kansas City), The Coneheads (Indiana), Urochromes (Massachusetts), and many other bands like Lumpy & The Dumpers, Q, BiB, VCR, Condominium, Mystic Inane, Gag, Gas Rag, Hank Wood, La Misma, Crazy Spirit, Bad-Noids, mommy, and NYC based band Dawn of Humans as “the egg punk band for the chainpunks”.

Usually, the “egg punk” style draws influences from the weirdness of bands like Flipper, Devo, and genres ranging from the so-called basement punk to garage punk, indie, minimal wave, synthpunk, free jazz, post-punk and all types of experimental music. Often satirical in nature, with badly drawn MS Paint or five-year-old-children’s pastel color drawing style, many “egg punk” bands could well be considered anti-genre artists or “devocore” (due to their Devo influences).

As most of the fringe punk records are usually uploaded on various YouTube channels, the “chain punk” is often associated with channels like RICKVARUKERSPUNX, No Punks in K-Town or No Deal, and “egg punk” with Anti (formerly known as Jimmy).


The post triggered a surge in related memes and charts on Instagram and Reddit. Many users discussed the distinction between the two “subgenres” over various social media and created playlists with either “chain punk” or “egg punk” bands.

Chain Punk Bands


Modern chain punk bands not mentioned in the “original” chart: Exit Order, Hologram, Nosferatu, Scarecrow, Bootlicker, Physique, Enzyme, Concealed Blade, Bloodkrow Butcher, Armor, Jackal, Proton, Chain Whip, Primitive Blast, Electric Chair, Loose Nukes, Sniper Culture, Septic Yanks, Spy, L.O.T.I.O.N., Orden Mundial, Tupperware, Blood Pressure, Canal Irreal, Vile Gash, Skeleton, Sex Pill, Vaaska, Khiis, Cesspool, Fatal, Axe Rash, Larma, Protocol, Glue, Gel, SIAL, Impalers, The Anarchy, The Annihilated, Kaleidoscope, Reek Minds, Heavy Discipline, GUNN, Haram, Krimewatch, Skitklass, Sect Mark, Geld, Oily Boys, Lasso, Klonns, along with the so-called New Wave of British Hardcore with bands like Arms Race, Violent Reaction, The Flex, Obstruct, True Vision, The Chisel, Big Cheese, Rat Cage, Stiff Meds and others.

Egg Punk Bands


Modern “egg punk” bands not mentioned in the “original” chart: Prison Affair, Powerplant, Alien Nosejob, Dollhouse, Smirk, Imploders, Spread Joy, Erik Nervous, Uranium Club, Cherry Cheeks, Satanic Togas, Lysol, Neo-Neos, C.C.T.V., GAZM, Ooze, Gee Tee, Vintage Crop, Warm Bodies, Cereal Killer, The Noids, Loomer 69, Straw Man Army, Nag, Stuck, Skull Cult, Lithicks, Kowabunga! Kid, Soda Boys, HOTMOM, Aborted Tortoise, Sid Eargle, Antibodies, Yonic South, Clorox Dream, Mesh, Toyota, Booji Boys, Grump, Razorbumps, Big Hog, The Fritz, Pisse, Das Das, Jonny Kurt und die Hühnerficker Kombo, Sad Neutrino Bitches, Gulag Beach, Wonder Bread, Stinkhole, Pigeon, and other bands on Lumpy Records in the US and German labels Phantom Records, Erste Theke Tonträger, and Mangel Records.

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