Crasher Crust

What is Crasher Crust?

Coined by early 90s Osaka band Gloom, the term Crasher Crust is often used to describe a particular type of absurdly raw, chaotic, and noise-drenched style of protest punk music.

The style, also referred to as Third Wave Japanese Crust, is usually defined by fast drumming with emphasis on crash cymbals, hence the name, which further aid the already menacing and chaotic nature of this music. Crasher crust is also notable for its crude, shrieking vocals, fast jangly basslines, and extremely distorted, screeching guitars (influenced by groundbreaking band Confuse).

Crasher Crust Bands

Notable Japanese bands include Gloom, Collapse Society, Deceiving Society, Defector, Borderline, Defiance, Exithippies, Death Dust Extractor, Zyanose, LIFE, D-Clone, Ferocious X, Kriegshög, Mauser, Poikkeus, and many more. Bands like Confuse, Abraham Cross, SDS, and Antiauthorize are not crasher crust but often cited as important for the development of crasher style and Japanese crust in general. 

Non-Japanese crasher crust bands include Atrocious Madness (US), Lebenden Toten (US), Physique (US), Genöme (Sweden), Aghast (US), Frantic (US), Scumraid (South Korea), Warcycle (Australia).

2005’s album Vein by Japanese sludge / doom band Boris could be easily described as crasher crust as well.

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