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Talisman – Self-Titled

Surf from hell direct from the sewers of Chile!

Talisman ChileArtist: Talisman

Title: Talisman

Release: Tape / Digital

Year: 2018

Label: Poxi Records

Not many bands manage to mix dark riffs with energetic dance-inducing beats. This surf-punk trio from the putrid capital city of Chile does it with a great rhythm, while staying raw and gloomy at the same time. This mysterious release is their first one and they show great musicianship without getting dull with any excesses. Let’s dive into it.

At first hearing, we get a dark surf vibe common to a lot of punk influenced indie music. But then comes the repetition and the wide and eerie ambience the music generates, note by note, beat by beat, that makes me think of a lot of 70’s psychedelic and even of krautrock music. Think of bands like Ash Ra Tempel.  The same kind of trance-like state. It’s music to get lost into, to meditate.

With just drums, a guitar with effects and a synth, Talisman manage to create the perfect sombre soundscape. Layer by layer, their music makes you surf through imaginary waves of darkened seas.

Oriental melodies and beats that makes us think of long walks through the dessert are the basis for their sound, exploited on this release to the last drop. It will be hard to pull of a second release like this one. Let’s hope they know how to innovate.

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