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Beyond Pink got robbed in Brno, CZ

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Being back at home after this year’s Fluff Fest it’s sad to see Beyond Pink’s facebook newsfeed where they stated that their van got robbed  in Brno, Czech Republic. Their backline was stolen as well as some personal stuff. The band lost at least 2000, so please go to their shows, buy their records/merch, donate some money and support them in any way possible!

Yesterday we played an awesome show in Brno in Czech Republic. People POGOED LIKE THERE WAS NO TOMORROW and Tijana DID HUNDREDS OF KILOMETERS OF ROOFSTOMPING WHILE CROWDSURFING. However, the fun ended this morning when someone had broken into our van and stolen one Fender jazz bass plus hardcase, one Gibson Les Paul guitar plus hardcase, one bass amp/head, lots of drum breakables and stands and chair, tuning pedals, cables, sneakers, etc. We are poor fuck ups who don’t even have proper insurance, so we wont get any money back probably. All in all we lost things for worth of over 2000 euros, plus we will have to pay a lot for the broken window on the rental van. SO: PLEASE tell everyone you know in any of the cities that we will play during this last week of tour to come out and support us and try to have a great time in the middle of this misery. WE WANT YOU TO MOSH OUR PAIN AWAY!!!!!!!

Remaining shows on their tour:

  • 30.07. Poland, Kraków
  • 31.07. Poland, Warszawa, w Laandveraad, Lawine
  • 1.08. Berlin, Kopi w/ Government Flu, Nasty Pack
  • 2.08. Leipzig, Zoro w/ Night Birds, Government Flu


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