Strong As Ten / Koenigstein Youth – Split EP

Artist: Strong As Ten / Koenigstein Youth
Title: Split EP
Release: 7″
Year: 2010
Label: Kawaii Records, Emergence, When The Dead Die Twice, Tranzophobia, Los Discos De La Bestia, Wee Wee, Sclérose, Acide Folik, Positively Negative, I Feel Good, Under Siege Records

Strong As Ten and Koenigstein Youth hail from the East Coast of France to deliver some sick fastcore/powerviolence that really blew me away. Strong As Ten is a well known band to me, so I definitely knew what to expect from them. Their 6 songs on this split 7″ are no different than their usual overdose on fast and ripping hardcore punk thrash. Oh, no, it’s actually some of their best material up to date! On the flipside of the 7″ we have 3 songs by Koenigstein Youth, unfamiliar band to me before that split. Their tracks are a bit more complex than the Strong As Ten side, but still ripping it up with rabid tempo and raw aggression. It’s great stuff from both bands and the cover artwork + the lyrics sheet are sick as hell too (drawn by Ivan Brun of Coche Bomba). The record is a cooperation between 11 DIY labels.

Mittens XVX

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