Stàte of Feär – Complete Discography (Volume I & Volume II)

Stàte of Feär will never be mimicked… but rather be fuel for inspiration!


Artist: Stàte of Feär

Title: Complete Discography
(Volume I & Volume II)

Release: 2xLPs

Year: 2023

Label: Sonarize Records

I’ve done plenty of reviews over the years and to be completely transparent, this one in particular hits closer to home as it involves some old friends. Needless to say, this review involves a vital piece of musical history during the golden age of Minneapolis punk and will leave an impact that will last for eons. I was first introduced to these guys in 1995 as I stumbled upon one of their practices and have been good pals ever since, so I’m here to give them the recognition they deserve.

Stàte of Feär has been ground zero for many bands that have been looking to achieve what they originally set out to conquer. That blistering Scandinavian hardcore sound with unrelenting tempo and intensity brought on by riffs that will no doubt stand the test of time. This band has a long and extensive history, not only in the past but also in the present.


Stàte of Feär has a backstory that can be a book on its own with members coming from Disrupt and Deformed Conscience and then after Stàte of Feär went on to play in Deathraid, Consume and currently Nightfeeder. In the mix of all this history we have one of the most prominent hardcore punk ensembles, Stàte of Feär.

Sonarize Records took it upon themselves to release this crucial piece of history, and it was welcome with open arms as Stàte of Feär is a band that should never fall by the wayside. Every track from this band is an earworm and has been spinning in my head since the first self-titled EP.

There are two albums to this discography, Volume I & II. The first volume in this series consists of their two EPs, the self-titled EP, along with the Wallow in Squalor EP, which has iconic tracks like “Blood thirsty system” and “Consumption” among other hard-hitting songs. This full discography has been remastered by the illustrious Jack Control at Enormous Door, so you know you’re getting the best possible sound. Volume I comes with a twelve-page booklet that includes photos, biography and more. Volume II comes packed with a four-page booklet and A2 poster.

This second volume in the series brings the blistering and rage-fueled LP The Tables Will Turn… And It’s You Who is Going to Suffer that has the quintessential topics confronting socio/political strife and doubt in a cut-throat system. It’s tough to put into words how immensely great this album is, but to put it lightly, it’s simply fucking epic. There’s been a million cloned bands over these last couple decades, but I’m happy to know that a band as excellent as Stàte of Feär, no one has been able to copy the sheer intensity that they were able to accomplish. I can say that the sincerity these guys put into Stàte of Feär will never be mimicked… but rather be fuel for inspiration!

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