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Spirits – Discontent

Discontent is the best reminder why we fucking love being straight edge


Artist: Spirits

Title: Discontent

Release: 12″ LP / Digital

Year: 2015

Label: State of Mind Recordings, Reality Records

So on Thursday morning Mitko’s sending me a super excited e-mail saying ‘See what just came in for a review’, I skip the short info he forwards me and directly follow the link to see Spirits’ Bandcamp.

Oh, I know these guys, they were touring Europe last month and have a special version of their new album on vinyl with 3D glasses.

Ok, so I press play and go have a quick look at the liner notes, Spirits have members of Test of Time, Beartrap, No Harm Done and whatnot. Moreover, it seems they are Straight Edge to the fucking bone.

I suddenly realize I’m already on track three and this album is HOT! The deeper I get into it it somehow feels like home… more and more. Seriously, Boston Straight Edge bands are quite hard to beat. That spirit they bring is rooted so deep in their scene—you just know it’s almost impossible to get wrong with a band hailing from that area. You can rarely hear me throwing references in reviews but Spirits somehow have managed to pour everything from modern hardcore that I love in their debut LP. Not only from the Boston classics, but you can easily feel they also got some of Verse (especially in the lyrics of tracks like Displaced) and even Champion inside. And that’s great.

Discontent is a huge album and all thirteen tracks will pump you up with energy. You’ll be replaying them over and over, surely hoping to see the band live if you haven’t already. Fast parts, two-step sections, powerful sing-alongs, memorable melodies and uplifting harmonies—all that backed up by a message so real and honest. Spirits are here to spread the word about probably one of the most positive movements in music history and if you are not yet part of it… Well, that’s a band that can perfectly remind you there’ll be always a place for you in the world, in this specific subculture for sure.

the pressing issue of time. is it worth it and how long will it take? with a negative state of mind approaching doors with hesitance. looking back i’ve seen the error in our ways. using anger as a crutch to waste through many days. ~ Days of Light

Discontent is a powerful record, perfect for having great fun, but it’s not party music for sure. The lyrics deal with pretty serious matters and are written in an extremely mature manner, still pure and somehow reminiscent of Aaron Bedard’s lyrics. Spirits have overgrown the youth angst and are sharing a way more constructive way to deal with the world, but once again—through the eyes of the straight edge lifestyle.

Why putting the label then? Well, because from time to time it’s just cool to be reminded that this movement is still alive no matter everything. It’s great to be reminded there’ll be always this small group of humans around you or thousands of kilometers and oceans across that will feel about the world exactly same way as you do.

you grow and you change and friends fade away, but the ones who remain through every passing fad meant what they said so many years ago when we realized what we needed to feel alive. ~ The Pledge

Today I watched a video of the Melbourne show Bane played during their last Australian tour and right after they ended Count Me Out Bedard shouted “I fucking love being straight edge’. That Spirits album is all about that, and it’s probably the best straight edge album that has come out since the Have Heart and Champion times.


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