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Spillage – Self-Titled EP

Manchester-based melodic hardcore punk for the socially maligned.

spillage-stArtist: Spillage

Title: Spillage

Release: 7″ EP / Tape / Digital

Year: 2020

Label: Brassneck, Rad Noise, Prejudice Me, Mosh Team, Nothing To Harvest, No Time, Pumpkin Records

This is some catchy ass political hardcore / punk-rock coming from Manchester in the UK! Snuff? Leatherface? Kismet HC? I really couldn’t tell you who exactly these folks are the most influenced by, but they are set on stirring things up within their local DIY scene, and I’d say they’re doing a damn fine job of it, for sure.

This four-song EP blasts in just over seven minutes. Songs are kept short, sweet, and to the point. Well, sweet if shouty, fast, and upbeat punk music is your thing. Lyrically, the songs on this record deal with the political climate in the UK and themes that are in many ways relatable to anyone struggling to survive, pay rent, work 12 hours a day, and ultimately keep their mental health on track. It’s “miserable hardcore for the socially maligned”, as sarcastically they like to describe their music.

With members of other notable UK hardcore punk bands like Tout Suite, Better Reality, and Dead Subverts, among many others, Spillage are a formidable outfit on their own, but it was quite a treat to hear the vocals of my fellow buddy Fran, who is otherwise running Prejudice Me punk label together with his wife. And, I think he’s also doing a good job for someone being in a band for the first time. When everyone is bashing and vigorously scraping away on their instruments trying to sound as fast, raw and crusty or d-beat as they can, here’s a band taking the best out of the early ’90s indelible Leatherface formula and injecting it with some classic anarcho-punk tropes in both their sound and lyrical themes. It’s definitely worth a listen.

At the time of reviewing this little EP, more than six months after its release, Spillage have also unearthed a great Zounds cover from their early demos that you should definitely check out, too.


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