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Solidarity Compilaton for Social Center Adelante! in Sofia

Help us sustain the antiauthoritarian social center Adelante! in Sofia, Bulgaria

adelante compilation

Social Center ¡Adelante! is a free autonomous, self-managed, non-hierarchical and non-commercial space in the center of Sofia (Bulgaria’s capital and its largest city) founded in 2010 by a collective of activists committed to social change and creating sustainable alternatives to the capitalist system and hierarchical ways of organization.

The goal of this compilation is to find alternative ways to pay the rent and financial obligations to the landlord. The collective of Adelante is struggling with paying for renovations of the space and all the obligations to the owner. We don’t like the word “benefit” and we think “solidarity” best fits this situation. It’s all about solidarity with Adelante (the Spanish word for “Forward!”) and all autonomous and egalitarian social spaces.

Support Adelante by downloading the compilation from bandcamp: 

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