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Skunshit – Gritos de Libertad

A heavy and raw one man punk band from Santiago, Chile.

skun shit gritos de libertadArtist: Skunshit

Title: Gritos de Libertad

Release: Digital

Year: 2019

Label: Self-Released

Punk is not the same today as it was in the 70s, 80s and 90s. Internet has reached places we thought were impossible and connected cities, countries and continents. In fact, I am writing this thanks to that very fact, right in my house in Santiago, Chile.

The way we communicate and interact has changed. Now there are new ways to express ourselves, to share about the things we love and hate. But with that, we are also trapped in new ways of repression and surveillance. It is hard to know if we  are safe in the world wide web, but here we are.

Everything’s connected and the futures seems to keep leading that way. For example, thanks to that and platforms like Soundcloud and Bandcamp, we can hear a lot of new sounds and voices from around the world. It is now easier than ever to make music, and it’s cheaper too. Therefore, is not weird to see many one-man bands, with people making everything in their home studios, like the one we are gonna check out next.

Skunshit is a project started by this person in Chile who has been active for four years already. He released various singles, demos and EPs, like Gritos De Libertad, the one we are gonna center around, all in 2019. He’s planning to record an LP soon, in sync with the rhythm of internet and its production process, replete with images and sounds constantly appearing, flooding and exploding.

This EP is full of samples alluding to the military coup orchestrated by the CIA in Chile. Combative vibe and war references could be found all around the lyrics. The vocals change with each song, as the sound from the instruments do. While everything is based upon the darkest styles of punk, it also reflects the punk itself in the internet age: with an access to everything, with an opportunity to dive into all the genres they want, to explore bands from all around the world and the tiniest subgenres, as it were a study on punk made by a fan and a gift to everyone else that’s interested in such thing.

The six songs on here, all in the range of two to five minutes, take their sound from black metal, crust punk, d-beat, thrash and many forms of punk, with the tone of the guitar changing constantly, from a piercing distortion to a heavy fuzz, from a warm overdrive to a pulsating drone. Drums are fast and simple most of the time, raw and primal. The EP doesn’t want to work as a sign of prodigiousness, to care about such thing seems a bit useless.

This collection of songs work as a showcase of the restlessness and anxieties of the modern punks, especially the ones from the third world countries that try to be as upfront as the rest of the globe, as well as the compromise with the personal history of the country were the project was born, Chile.

All Skunshit releases are only available digitally, but there are plans of releasing limited CD editions of the next LP.

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