SKARA – We Slave Our Days

Heavy Black'n’Roll on this new Oslo based band's debut record.


Artist: SKARA

Title: We Slave Our Days

Release: LP / Digital

Year: 2021

Label: SM Musik, Bouwvakker, Impure Muzik, Samuel Records

Made up of Tom, Boris, Doudou and Jaap, some of them previously in French screamo The Sons of Saturn, Oslo’s finest Hombre Malo and Okkultokrati, or Dutch best kept secret Grinding Halt, among many others, this international brigade called SKARA will release their first album We Slave Our Days in the Summer 2021 via SM Musik (DE), Bouwvakker (NL), Impure Muzik (FR) and Samuel Records (CZ).

First track “The Contracts” opens with driving hard rock guitars and beats with the kind of harsh barked vocals to create a “black’n’roll” vibe, reminiscent to bands like Kvelertak, but from there on out the band meld much more into their sound.

Second track “Into The Void” is an altogether more intense and desperate affair, with dark malice eventually building into a somewhat more euphoric, guitar-wailing climax. As the record goes, SKARA reassure us they have plenty more tricks up their sleeves, introducing more elements and fresh ideas into the mix song by song.

They bring post-hardcore-esque breakdowns (“White Hare”), black metal blast beats and harmonised guitar melodies (“Kids On The Barricades”), and restrained melodious passages (“Rules for Fools”) to name just a few, all while introducing new vocal textures and wisely using dynamics to keep the listener’s attention. As well they should, with the eight tracks on offer clocking in at around 40 minutes they do well to stay captivating with a style so instantly enjoyable.

While this isn’t a predictable record by any means, SKARA do maintain a strong identity all throughout. They mix different aspects of punk, metal and hardcore to form their own strain of heavy rock’n’roll, conjuring images of battle jacketed beer chugging in festival fields. The feeling you get more than anything is that the music they make is, for want of a better word, fun. Although, there are clearly some thought provoking messages on this record, as can be seen and understood from their lyrical content and even titles alone. In these moments of darkness and contemplation, this is an album that will make you bang your head and pump your fist, all with a huge smile on your face.

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