Sink or Swim – Demo Tape

Angry Vegan Straight Edge from Germany


Artist: Sink Or Swim

Title: Demo

Release: Tape

Year: 2008

Label: Kill The Hype

Sink Or Swim is a vegan straight edge band from Germany and they play exactly this type of hardcore you are going to hear from their first record which appeared in 2008 on a tape.

The guitars are rough like a chainsaw and give the music a nice metallic taste (beside that of human blood). The vocals are ferocious and straight-forward just like the lyrics. Sink Or Swim are tight and uncompromising like the shark jaws from the awesome cover artwork.

Our suggestion is: stop regretting Gather, they are no longer playing, and check Sink Or Swim. They are not only devastating with their sound and message but are doing it European style!

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