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A new life for Set It Straight’s My Favorite Words

Six labels from all around the globe teamed up to finally released one of California's contemporary hardcore classics on vinyl

After giving a second life to the ultimate 7 Generations EP and putting it on a vinyl, Bulgaria-based Ugly & Proud Records got involved into celebrating the 10 years anniversary of Set It Straight’s album My Favorite Words. Originally released 10 years ago on a CD by Westcoast Worldwide Records that California hardcore gem is now finally available on a 12″ vinyl co-released by Positive And Focused Records, Iron Mountain Records, Entes Anomicos, Speedowax Records, Ugly And Proud Records and SP Discos. Quite a huge international affair, you gotta agree.

Thanks for the reminder how cool this record is, now head to your distro of choice and score a copy. Shit is limited to 400 copies (200 on black and 200 on red vinyl) and it comes with a bonus track not on the CD!

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