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Sendero’s first Euro tour starts today in Köln

For the occasion Vegan Records and Ugly and Proud are teaming up to release their iconic album Liberación on vinyl. Catch Sendero on Fluff and Ieper.

Mesoamerican vegan straight edge band Sendero are finally touring Europe. They start today in Cologne, Germany and will take their passionate and sincere music dedicated to quite a few causes we all share with them to France, Spain, Poland, Czech Republic for mighty Fluff Fest (and not only) and Belgium for Ieper. Make sure you follow them and keep an eye on the Facebook tour event for more details.

Besides tons of dope straight edge merch, on this tour Sendero are bringing the special vinyl version of their album Liberación released by Vegan Records (Argentina) & Ugly and Proud Records (Europe). For pre-orders and exclusive longsleeve designs head here. Stream it below!

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