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See You In Hell – Život ve strachu

A new record from this longstanding Czech hardcore punk band.

see-you-in-hell-zivot-ve-strahuArtist: See You In Hell

Title: Život ve strachu

Release: LP / Digital

Year: 2019

Label: Insane Society Records, United Crusties

Established in May 1999, See You In Hell is a longstanding and powerful hardcore punk band from the Czech town of Brno that has given so much to the DIY punk scene in their place.

This is also the band that was graced with the shredding guitars and boundless enthusiasm of Filip Fuchs. The founding member and amazing guitarist of See You In Hell, who passed away on January 9, 2016.


It was a sad day for everyone, losing a great person, friend, musician and a walking encyclopedia for the DIY hardcore punk community. Not only he wrote a book on punk in Czechoslovakia, but his zine Hluboká Orba was among the best punk zines in Europe. There’s also an extensive interview with Filip we did for DIY Conspiracy in the beginning of 2009 that you can still read here.

Without an influential figure such as Filip, I guess, it was a really tough decision whether to continue the band or not. In December of 2016, though, SYIH found the strength to open a new chapter in the band’s history. Finding two new guitarists to join their ranks, they played at their own annual Killed by Brno festival, this time dedicated to the loving memory of Filip.

Fast forward to 2019, See You In Hell are ready with their new LP called “Život ve strachu” (Life in fear). Eight offerings of tightly played, dark hardcore punk blend with ripping thrash to keep your head hopping all throughout. The Japanese “burning spirits” influences of the previous recordings are kinda put aside here in favour of more straight-forward European hardcore sound. However, these new tracks boast an even tougher and more metallic sound compared to their previous releases.

A major whirlwind of anger and despair, this is an essential listening for anyone interested in the contemporary Czech crust and hardcore punk scene.


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