Sect Mark – Worship

Artist: Sect Mark

Title: Worship

Release: MLP / Digital 

Year: 2018

Label: Iron Lung Records

Last year, I reviewed Sect Mark’s demo tape and was damn affected by their sound. Holy shit, they’re just so raw and spiteful.

There’s not really a lot to uncover here besides the Italian band’s ripping brand of misanthropic punk. On Worship, Sect Mark is blazing forth with eight new tracks—a blistering attack against your both eardrums and all senses.

It’s ruthlessly violent music, draped in filth and ugliness. You can’t just pick the songs apart and talk about any kind of musicianship as the record itself is more like a statement. All tracks just fuse together in a blur of screeching riffs, crude drumming, and a caustic anger in the echo-demolished vocals. On Worship, there is a visceral surge of hopelessness. You’re struck on the path to wreck your room and your life…

Worship was released on cult sludgy powerviolence band Iron Lung’s own record label, and that alone should tell you something.

Mittens XVX

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