Sect Mark – Demo

Raw punk from Italy released on a cassette tape. This is the kind of music your neighbor will totally dislike.

sect mark demoArtist: Sect Mark

Title: Demo

Release: Tape / Digital

Year: 2017

Label: Hidden Hands Records

From the mighty city of Rome we get 6 songs of frenetic, raw and distorted hardcore punk. The sound reminds of some Japanese bands, especially the vocals. I don’t get the lyrics at all but song titles such as “Medical Reich”, “Kissing Rats”, or “Nipples” sound promising.

This is exactly the raw punk band’s demo that you would love to hear on your cassette tape decks, so good job Hidden Hands Records. It’s actually their first release, and I hope they’ll continue releasing some raging punk music on cassette in the future. I like this, any real punk should own tapes like this one.

If you also play in a punk band that distorts everything and sounds as loud as hell, please send me your tape. Bandcamp just ruins all that fun, this music is meant to be listened on tape.

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