Search For Purpose with a debut 7 inch on U&P

Ugly And Proud are releasing the debut Search For Purpose 7" vinyl and we swear you'll be hearing about this band A LOT


Search For Purpose is a brand new US straight edge band you’ll probably be hearing more and more about in the future. For us it started with two demo releases we found on their Bandcamp page and we truly hoped somebody will make something bigger of them because the music was more than worth it. Just a few months later, Ugly and Proud Records hit us with the news they’re releasing Search For Purpose on a 7″ vinyl. The release is featuring both demo recordings, which are now remastered and sound as good as they can get.

Hear it for yourself below!

Search For purpose started as a solo project of North Caroline-based Matt Kalbaugh. A hardcore kid who’s been regularly booking hardcore punk shows in his area and eventually started this with a bunch of homies to handle production and drums. Best news is Search For Purpose finally has a full-band line up. Their record release gig is on January 6th (see poster below). For all of us who can’t jump on the plane to the States and experience their powerful, melodic and sincere take on 90s influenced straight edge hardcore we have the pre-orders up and running on the Ugly And Proud website. They’ve pinky swore shipping will start early November.

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