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Scrap Iron – Demo (2014)

Raw hardcore punk from the Netherlands debuting with 9 tracks that clock in about 10 minutes

scrap iron demo

Artist: Scrap Iron

Title: Demo

Release: Digital

Year: 2014

Label: DIY

Raw hardcore punk band from the Netherlands debuting with 9 tracks that clock in about 10 minutes.

Solid and urgent vocals over rapid and unpolished hardcore sound with influences ranging from Negative Approach to Left For Dead. The production is really good for a DIY demo, everything is well played, aggressive and straight to the point.

The lyrics deal with socio-political subjects and beside the occasional angry songs about protesting the corrupt political system (opening track “Protest and Unnerve”), they are also directing their anger at more specific issues such as entertainment industry (“TSMGO”), pharmaceutics (“Still Medicated”), the beauty industry (“The Model”), privatization of water by multinational corporations like Suez, Nestlé and Bechtel  (in the song “Dirty Waters”) or the patents and control over seeds in the global food production by biotech and agribusiness giants like Monsanto (in “Suicide Seeds”). If you like Manliftingbanner you’ll really dig this, the Dutch DIY scene still continues to produce tight and politically charged hardcore.

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