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Schwach – Gegeneinander EP

Posi punk from Berlin

schwach-gegeneinanderArtist: Schwach

Title: Gegeneinander

Release: 7″ EP / Digital

Year: 2018

Label: Antikörper-Export

Schwach’s new EP came out in August this year and continues their direction of positive punk.

Formed in Berlin around 2013, the band has been very active in their local DIY hardcore scene. Band members were, or still are playing, in tons of other bands, booking shows or baking vegan cakes. In 2018, the band has released a discography tape, toured Europe and played some shows in Ecuador and Colombia in South America. For such a great year, it was only natural to also come up with a new record, though just a three song EP.

“Gegeneinander” is Schwach’s first recording material since their 2016’s “Kein Bock” LP. There are three short, sweet and sincere tracks with lyrics that combine personal and political topics. The record starts off with a song about the 2017’s G20 summit that took place in Hamburg and the police repressions that followed. Without being overcomplicated, the other two songs deal with criticizing the inequality created by the current educational system and how hardcore punk can ruin your life.

Basically, there are two major influences—the politics and the positivity. It can seem odd at times to combine these two, but I’m glad to see youth crew-inspired bands that care for more than just some questionable scene unity or their new Nike kicks.


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