Scarecrow – Revenge EP

Eight tracks of pure mängel punk up your ass.


Artist: Scarecrow

Title: Revenge

Release: EP / Digital

Year: 2020

Label: Bunker Punks

And here we are in 2020 with another relentless hardcore punk release that reps the raw and primal sound of Scandinavia.

Okay… Scarecrow are not a real Swedish band and they even misspelled the word mängel on their 7-inch test pressing, duh… (they’ve got a bad hangover, I guess) but it doesn’t really matter when their record fucking rips from start to finish.

Hailing from Raleigh (or should I say Rawlee?), North Carolina, these punks are straightforward, political and tight as hell. They aren’t exactly groundbreaking here, but who says you need to when you have such bands as Totalitär, Mob-47, and Avskum for an influence?

Solid d-beats are thumping over no-nonsense lyrics that go beyond your standard anti-war shit, the production is just great and the power comes straight from the heart. Eight killer tracks where not one song exceeds the two minutes mark. You’re surely gonna like this. Good stuff!


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