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Sangharsha ​/​ Blank – Intermundia

Sangharsha's darkened mathcore meets the epic crust of Blank

Sangharsha​ & ​Blank SplitArtists: Sangharsha ​/​ Blank

Title: Intermundia

Release: 12″ LP / Digital 

Year: 2015

Label: Alerta Antifascista, Holy Goat Records

I guess you’re all already familiar with Germany’s crust / dark hardcore band Blank, but you might haven’t yet heard of Sangharsha, a NYC based hardcore band formed by four Nepali punk kids who are obviously currently residing there. Alerta Antifascista have just released their brand new split LP so there’s a good chance to get familiar with what these guys do.

The vinyl starts with Sangharsha‘s side. Their music is an interesting mixture of a variety of genres. The opener Ghrina is carrying a distant feel of a somehow lo-fi post-metal, evolving in about four minutes only to reach a raw crust / powerviolence climax in the last seconds of the piece. In the next two tracks Sangharsha get more straight forward, with a lot of double pedal drumming and they kind of sound like a not too complex mathcore band. I found this a bit weird as after the opening track I was expecting something way more atmospheric and weird from the band. The third track makes things a bit more interesting again with a slow and darkened ending Corrupted-style. I guess these jumps, from genre to genre, are the sign Sangharsha are still searching for their own voice, just like every other new band, but we’ll see. I’m just curious about their lyrics, couldn’t find anybody to help me translate those from Nepali (I suppose) to something I understand, they look fragmentary and eclectic, which might be interesting, but for now I can only hope they are good content-wise.

Being around for quite some time already Blank waste no time but directly blast us with what we already know is their style. Darkened crust, with minor but epic melodies, raw vocals, punchy and slightly overdriven bass lines. Mostly mid-tempo based Blank’s music doesn’t stay on the same place for too long, sometimes it’s cut by fast d-beat outbursts, slower passages, backed up by sing-alongs or spoken word samples. Blank surely don’t invent the wheel with these tracks, but they can surely melt the heart of anybody with a thing for epic crust.

I’m however not a big fan of their lyrics. Even though there are certain, very visual fragments that I like, for example ‘we are sat on our throne / reigning nothing / nothing’, using collocations like ‘awful screams’ or ‘sad mind’ is just not powerful and convincing enough for me and somehow spoils the complete darkness this music could be able to convey in case of a better writing, but yeah, I guess this will come with time. In general not the best record in the world, but a good addition to the Alerta Antifascista catalog.

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