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Ryan Bartek Returns to Fortress Europe

Return To Fortress Europe

Underground writer, musician and traveler Ryan Bartek has returned with his acclaimed book series about world wide DIY underground that began with “The Big Shiny Prison” and continued with “Fortress Europe”, Bartek again raises the bar with “Return To Fortress Europe”.

While in his first book Ryan Bartek’s enthusiasm led him to go deeper into the underground punk and metal scenes and musicians across the United States (featuring interviews/appearances by The Dwarves, Brutal Truth, Job For a Cowboy, MDC, Pig Destroyer, Himsa, Kylesa, Phobia, Whorehouse of Representatives, Genghis Tron, Sasquatch Agnostic, and many more),  in “Fortress Europe” he has undergone a daring journey through the heartland of European DIY venues, squats and festivals, including KØPI 137 (Berlin), Metelkova Mesto (Ljubljana), Ruigoord (Amsterdam), Christiania (Copenhagen) and Obscene Extreme Festival in Czech Republic.

In the four-part mini-series of punk non-fiction and alternative culture chronicles called “Return to Fortress Europe” Ryan is back on the road hitch-hiking, backpacking, using Couchsurfing, staying at squats, intentional communities, etc. sharing his experiences from the fringe world of underground music and alternative culture in 2012 and 2013.

The first chapter “Subteren Voivode România” features the author going deep into the heart of Transylvania armed with nothing but a tape recorder and a travel pack in order to cover the Romanian extreme metal scene, as well as the social and political unrest of this Post-Communist country.

In this Romanian chapter, Bartek conducts face-to-face interviews with members from experimental metal band Krepuskul, thrash/death overlords DECEASE, metalcore upstarts Divided By Perception, Sibiu’s groove-laced metal rockers Heavy Duty and Brasov’s deathcore act Deliver The God.

The remaining three chapters of “Return To Fortress Europe” will be released throughout 2014 and will focus on Greece, Italy, Spain and Portugal.

Return to Fortress Europe: “Subteren Voivode România” (Part 1 of 4) FREE PDF DOWNLOAD

Return to Fortress Europe: “Subteren Voivode România” (Part 1 of 4) ON SCRIBD

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