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Rules – Selftitled

1980s tinged fast hardcore punk from Zagreb

rules-stArtist: Rules

Title: Selftitled

Release: Tape / Digital

Year: 2019

Label: Destroy It Yourself, Mad Schnauzer

Rules is a fast hardcore band based in the Croatian capital Zagreb (though their members come from different places).

For the past few years these four guys have been touring relentlessly around Europe and the Balkan area—wreaking havoc and making friends along the way. Though, this was originally released in 2016, I still like to bring it to the attention of whoever is reading this. Why? Because I’ve got the reissued tape at a recent show and these nine songs are anything but sloppy. Taking cues from 80s hardcore punk, each one of these tracks is executed with a honest DIY passion and burning desire to get you moving.

It’s worth mentioning that members of Rules are still involved in booking shows, making zines and playing in crucial bands from the late 1990s to present day. Hoću? Neću!, No Choice, Lasting Values, Vaseline Children, Left To Starve, and The Truth are just some of the bands these long time DIY-ers have been involved in during that time, which makes Rules an experienced band well charged on hardcore energy and spirit.

Their debut record is an enjoyable ride with enough tempo changes, shredding guitars and short songs to spin your head around. Just think of classics like SSD, Black Flag, and The Freeze, doubled on the speed and ferocity under the influence of Tear It Up, Cut The Shit, and The Rites, and you can only begin to imagine the fun and intensity that bursts forth on this EP.

Lyric-wise, Rules are mostly dealing with inner feelings and frustrations we all have to cope with on a regular basis. Basically, this is your go to band to give vent to all your anger about pretty much everything in daily life. Still active in 2019, they have some new material to be released on vinyl probably later this year. The new songs are not as fast and abrasive as the ones heard on this tape, but rather adding some more rock’n’roll flavor to their raw hardcore punk sound and attitude. Let’s see where this will go.


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