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Ruins – Within

Six songs of dark, metallic and melodramatic crust hardcore in the second LP of this awesome German band

ruins-withinArtist: Ruins

Title: Within

Release: LP / Digital 

Year: 2015

Label: Twisted Chords, Halo of Flies

Six metallic songs of dark and melodramatic crust hardcore in the second LP of this German band. I met these guys in 2013 when they were touring to promote their “Incidents” LP and I have nothing but great memories from their shows and attitude. So I’m glad they are still around and ready to destroy our eardrums with their second full-length that came out a few weeks ago. In “Within” Ruins do a great job of implementing even darker overtones to the pounding metallic assault.

Ruins do well in balancing the heaviness and melody, to give a good structure and dynamics to the sound. The lyrics, screamed in the typical Tragedy-style manner, have that pessimistic, apocalyptic theme that we should expect to come with this genre. The required epic instrumental track is also there, preparing the listener to the six-minutes long closing track “The Burden”. It’s not the most original stuff though, but the band sounds pretty well live and this is an excellent LP that will make a good addition to your collection of Tragedy-influenced records.

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