The Rodeo Idiot Engine – Consequences

The Rodeo Idiot Engine are touring Europe this month and that was more than a good reason to look back at what they released last September!

the rodeo idiot engine

Artist: The Rodeo Idiot Engine

Title: Consequences

Release: LP / Digital

Year: 2013

Label: Swarm of Nails, Black Lake Records, Throatruiner Records

When few days ago The Rodeo Idiot Engine posted the first draft for their European tour in November I was reminded we haven’t yet covered their last album, which was published pretty much an year ago. Recorded live by Amaury Sauvé, who’s “guilty” for some of my recent favorites in the hardcore (understand hardcore here as wide as possible) scene, Consequences is an immense work spanning over many sub-genres of contemporary extreme music.

The Rodeo Idiot Engine were able to mix screamo, post-hardcore, epic crust, even black metal and noise in such an insane way that I promise you your head will hurt after the first listens. However, being exposed to harsh noise gets as comforting as complete silence so I’m pretty certain if you’re into that kind of music you’ll make your way through this album pretty fast.

The Rodeo Idiot Engine are certainly not the first band playing this kind of music, references and names for comparison are probably numerous, but still there’s a lot that lets Consequences shine in a musical movement already quite active and rich. One of the reasons is the songs being actually quite rememberable. Even if it’s complex and extreme, the album leads and lets you get oriented in itself fairly easily. Melody is still the leading part and complexity here is not an unjustified attempt to play insane music for a selected scene of elitist listeners. Instead it’s convincingly turned in the only creative decision that can fully express the energy lying behind the band. I already mentioned the person who produced the record, well his part in the thorough impact of Consequences is really a reason to really get (into) the album. The proper producing really enabled The Rodeo Idiot Ending to truly capture their uncontrolled madness and pure emotion. And that I find to be the core of the band. And the fact everything was recorded live, Amaury Sauvé style… big ups!

We are the blood, venom in their veins.
We are the dogs, mashing hand of gods.
We are the nails, sticked on their necks.
We are venom, by us all pigs will die.

~ Gravel, The Rodeo Idiot Engine

Often I’ve been exposed to great music from countries like Spain, Italy and France (the last being the country where this band comes from), which suffers from poor lyric-writing, because the bands have decided to use a way more common language, even if they are not so comfortable in using it. That’s why I was kinda reserved when approaching the lyrics, actually I’m always reserved when approaching the lyrics of hardcore bands, but still I was left more than pleasantly surprised. Yeah, expect to read no García Lorca in the lyrics sheet. Instead the band has decided to do things simple. The message in the songs use quite ordinary and common English, don’t get too figurative, but is still offering a pretty decent and imagery story-telling. The lyrics are not following a verse-chorus-verse structure, but utilize a way more amorphic form instead. That’s also why they are really able to enhance the tense atmosphere of the whole album. Text-wise, among my highlights are definitely “Masks, Candor and Gravel”.

So if you are from France, Italy, Croatia, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Greece, Romania or Hungary keep an eye on the tour schedule because you have to see this band live. Oh, yes… I gotta do that too!

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