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Ria – Mono No Aware

Passionate screamo from Istanbul with members of Burn Her Letters, Saatleri Ayarlama Enstitüsü, and Pourbon

ria-mono-no-awareArtist: ria

Title: Mono No Aware

Release: Tape / CD-r / Digital

Year: 2019

Label: Mevzu Records, Callous Records, Listen to Aylin Records

Founded in November 2018 in the cosmopolitan city of Istanbul, Ria come with an all-out screamo attack, sounding not too far from any of your favorite bands from Italy, France, Sweden, or even Japan.

The music of Ria is very dynamic with a plenty of insatiable guitar leads, emotive riffs and explosive moments, spread throughout the record. More than anything, the band finds their stride with sincere songwriting, intense screaming and constant instrumentation shifts in a noodly vortex of influences ranging from Jeromes Dream, Daïtro and early Envy, all the way to the shoegazy black metal of Alcest. The lyrics in their native Turkish language are pretty cryptic and poetic with English translations carefully provided on their bandcamp page.

As you can tell from the record’s name and all these Japanese, I guess, movie skits found within the album, the songs seem heavily influenced by Eastern philosophy with a focus on the continuum of dualities between subjective opposites in the world, while still keeping some implicit politics and protest in them. Every song tells a story making Mono No Aware very cohesive and vibrant, despite the varying influences thrown in the mix.

Mono No Aware seems to be balancing between the melodic and chaotic parts with absolute diligence, delivering alluring moments at every turn. This is a neat screamo / post-hardcore record and as more people are looking to explore previously overlooked places for underground music, Turkey continues to produce some of the most heart-wrenching tunes in the Balkan underground scene.

Home of amazing ’00s bands like Noisy Sins of The Insect, Lost in Bazaar, and Burn Her Letters with whom Ria shares members, Istanbul is still a unique place lying on the screamo map between Europe and Asia.


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