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REVERTT – Bermeo Skinhead Hardcore EP

Basque stomping crew doing it the way it's gotta be.

revertt-bermeo-skinhead-hardcoreArtist: REVERTT

Title: Bermeo Skinhead Hardcore

Release: 7″ EP / Digital

Year: 2020

Label: Mendeku Diskak

Here’s a Basque skinhead hardcore band doing it the old school way.

REVERTT have already done so on their 2018 demo, but got an even better grip on things this time around.

Powered by a sense of righteous fury, this Bermeo (a town in the Biscay province) skinhead gang is taking the raw sound and attitude of local legends like Eskorbuto clashing in with the American hardcore sound of SSD, DYS, Last Rights, Negative Approach, and the likes. What makes this band just that more special—besides their extremely tight songs—is the fact they don’t sing in English. Being hooked on all these classic French, Italian, or Spanish punx & skins bands, I just like it when they sing this type of music in their own tongues. It shows they have this real personality and an urgency to make music for the local crowd rather than looking for some sloppy recognition abroad.

The energy is just not letting up during these five songs and they are over much too soon. If you like stomping, mid-tempo hardcore the way it’s gotta be, this 7″ is for you.

Get it is all I need to add to this. Oi!

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