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Remek’s new LP out next week!!!

remek lp

The debut full-length of Czech DIY hardcore band Remek will be out next week on Stonehenge Records (France) and Music For Liberation (CZ), 500 copies on partly screenprinted black 12″ vinyl. All songs were recorded and cut by Blum in Gattaca‘s rehearsal room near Olomouc, CZ. Mixing and mastering by Will Killingsworth (Orchid, Ampere, etc.) at Dead Air Studios.

The LP is now available for full-stream/download on bandcamp. If you pay for download all the collected money will go to a benefit fund via Coffee Breath project.

Don’t miss the chance to see Remek and Gattaca on their short European tour in the beginning of May! 

30.04.2014 – (cz) Plzeň, Pohoda 
01.05.2014 – (fr) Besancon, Les Arcades 
02.05.2014 – (fr) Dijon, Les Tanneries 
03.05.2014 – day off 
04.05.2014 – (fr) Toulon, Jolly Rogers Pub 
05.05.2014 – (fr) Annecy, La Machine Utile 
06.05.2014 – (swi) Thun, AKuT 
07.05.2014 – (swi) Zurich, Autonomous Beuty Salon 
08.05.2014 – (at) Bregenz, Never Conform Fest 
09.05.2014 – (cz) České Budějovice, SUD 
10.05.2014 – (cz) Věžnička, Fotbal proti rasismu

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