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Rejection Pact – Threats Of The World EP

Straight up hardcore thunder hailing from Boise, Idaho.

rejection-pact-threats-of-the-worldArtist: Rejection Pact

Title: Threats Of The World

Release: 7″ / Digital

Year: 2019

Label: Safe Inside Records

I have kept an eye on Rejection Pact since their 2018’s demo and now they hit us hard once again with their debut EP on Safe Inside Records.

The ten songs featured on Threats Of The World feel like a real slap in the face. It is a hardcore menace from start to finish—urgent, frantic, explosive. Each song carries its own weight with a solid songwriting and unrelenting intensity. It’s fair to say that the band harks back to a variety of hardcore sounds heard across the spectrum—youth crew gang vocals, tough as nails breakdowns and mosh parts; and short, sharp attacks on the senses at a mere 13 minutes in length.

As the record title suggests, there’s a common theme about threats whether it be people, political divisions, media disinformation, or human greed and selfishness. The lyrics are forthright and to the point, not just thrown there together for the sake of being angry at the world. There are well-thought ideas in these songs, and the guest appearances of Greg Bennick (Trial, Bystander, Between Earth & Sky) and Tyler Short (Inclination) make the right impression about the band’s credibility in the scene.

Rejection Pact comprise of members from bands like Stepbrothers and Alone, who have a history of playing some pretty decent melodic hardcore, youth crew, etc. I really liked the No Youth EP by Alone when it came out, but with Rejection Pact some of the same guys have taken much more direct, punchy and political approach to hardcore music. Threats Of The World is an important release that needs a bit more recognition. If you like straight-forward hardcore, give it a listen.


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