Redound – The Endgame

Sofia's Redound back with an even harder-hitting full-length

redound endgame

Artist:  Redound

Title: The Endgame

Release: CD / Digital

Year: 2016

Label: Self-Released

Sofia’s Redound are back on DIY Conspiracy with an even harder hitting record than Obsessed, which we reviewed in 2014 and it felt as a quite massive step ahead for the band.

With The Endgame Redound have once again reinvented themselves. First thing you’ll notice in the new album is its huge, UK hardcore-influenced sound. I honestly can’t think of a better way The Endgame could have been produced. Big ups to Nikolay Berberov at Sub Zero Studio, Sofia for once again bringing the sound of the band to a whole new level, which actually fits perfect the new direction of their music. The Endgame sounds thick and polished, but these come in balanced quantities so they don’t smoothen even the slightest bit of its aggression.

Music-wise The Endgame is a way more straight forward record than it’s predecessor. Gone are the various death metal-influenced touches and more melodic guitar experiments. Instead Redound went for a more groovier and simpler song-writing. The Endgame is mostly heavy weight and mid-paced. Low-tuned stomps, and breakdowns take turns with groovier parts and a few fast passages. It’s all very dark and negative, which goes perfectly in line with the lyrics on the record. This is another thing the band has handled the right way.

After experimenting with having lyrics in both Bulgarian and English, even having a bi-lingual versions of previous tracks, Redound have finally gone straight for English. This has also solved all issues with rhyming I had with previous tracks in Bulgarian. It all sounds tight and way more convincing now. Not to mention if so far Redound have been discussing the world from a more personal aspect, The Endgame is soaked with collectively amplified desperation and anger. The album captures our world as the apocalyptic and dystopian grotesque it has become.

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