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Redbait – Red Tape (Demo)

Proletarian crust from the activist scene of Missouri

redbait-red-tapeArtist: Redbait

Title: Red Tape

Release: Tape / Digital

Year: 2018

Label: Self-Released

It’s not unfair to say that anti-communism is among the most central pillars of the country called the United States of America and its society throughout history.

While most of you will point out that anti-communism has permeated both domestic & international politics during the Cold War era, it’s also worth mentioning that the first Red Scare was actually launched as early as 1910’s, primarily targeting anarchist and syndicalist organizers. In Canada, the Wobblies were outlawed by the federal government by the end of the World War I. In the States, the repressions against anarchists intensified even more in the 1920’s.

With Donald Trump in power and the rise of authoritarian tendencies all over the world, any kind of social justice and traditionally left-wing ideas are seen as a threat to absolutely everything conservative America stands for. The old red-baiting tricks are still in play at all levels of communication and political discourse today.

The term red red-baiting itself dates back to the Sacco and Vanzetti trial and their eventual execution in 1927; it’s an informal logical fallacy that intends to discredit the validity of an opponent’s logical argument by accusing, denouncing, attacking, or persecuting an individual or political group as either communist, socialist, anarchist, or sympathetic towards these radical ideologies.

Formed around the radical activist circles in St. Louis, Redbait is a newer hardcore punk pack determined to spit venomous rage in the face of patriarchy, capitalism and fascism in all its ugly forms. Their debut on tape, sarcastically called the “Red Tape”, was among the most politically-charged demos of 2018.

The tracks on their “Red Tape” are nothing less than four quick outbursts of hardcore punk fury. In their usual sarcastic overtone, the band called their style “proletarian crust”. I’m not sure how accurate the term crust applies to them, but they clearly have some crust influences to their music. Their style is more like an eclectic mix of the various musical preferences that a six members collective might have, and it’s worth noting that those six members have been playing in other memorable bands before—Seven Generations, Slaughterchops, and Hellfire Trigger. Although, they still keep a low-key profile in the contemporary hardcore scene; and while their two singers are at the forefront of any photo shoots—like on the front cover—all other members are taking the backseat and do not reveal their faces to the press. The dual vocals of Rebecca and Madeline are a strong driving force for the rapid lyrical delivery that tackles on fighting inequality, sexism and police state. If you like political hardcore, punk and crust, there’s no reason not to like this demo.

In short, Redbait’s demo is angry, punching and sarcastic from start to finish… they finish “Dick Punch” in a rough powerviolence frenzy with the lines “FUCK YOU! Punch your dick and run…” That’s a good one to wrap it up, and now we’re waiting for their new EP to be released pretty soon by the seminal hardcore label New Age Records from California.


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