Razorblades & Aspirin Zine #9 out this month! (Preorder Now)

Richmond, VA-based punk photographer Michael Thorn rolls out the new issue of his hardcore punk zine.

Richmond, Virginia-based photographer Michael D. Thorn has shot some of my absolute favorite hardcore punk bands in recent years. Some of his work can be found among a plethora of band interviews and gig reports in both online and printed media

However, Michael has also started writing some excellent content for No Echo and his own imprint called Razorblades & Aspirin. What started as Michael’s photo zine to represent his own work, is now a huge—and I’d say among the best—hardcore punk printed media in current existence.

Razorblades & Aspirin #8Winter 2020


The eight issue of this grandiose 80-pages full-color work came out earlier in Winter 2020 and featured some of the best interviews I’ve ever read with legends like Bob Otis of Dropdead, Dwid Hellion of Integrity, Mark McCoy of Charles Bronson/Youth Attack, as well as great talks with some top-tier current photographers such as Christina Inferno, Carlos Garcia, MXHDAZLAN, and Jeslyn Lam.

Of course, the zine was full of high-quality punk photography and around 180 reviews of some my absolute favorite records released in 2019, many of which I also reviewed on DIY Conspiracy.

Unfortunately, since the post office is indefinitely closed due to the Covid-19 lockdown, I can’t order anything from the States right now so I’ve ordered the digital version of the zine. And I’ve read it in one sitting!

Razorblades & Aspirin #9—Preorder Now!

According to Michael, the newest 9th issue of Razorblades & Aspirin has been sent to the printers and will be physically available later this month.

The preorders are now up and shipping is expected for April 13th!


The new issue will feature interviews with Jeremy Dean (Graphic designer behind the new book on the Misfits Scream With Me), Alex Heir (L.O.T.I.O.N. / Death Traitors), Sial (Singapore raw hardcore), Royal Hounds, Liz Rose (sound-person extraordinaire), as well as photographers Michelle Olaya, Teppei Miki, Jarza, and Phil Monahan.

Plus something everyone will be eager to read abouta lengthy article about Swedish hardcore legends Anti Cimex around the recording of “Absolut Country of Sweden”, written by Umeå hXc legend Christoffer Röstlund Jonsson (AC-4, D.S.-13, Busted Heads Records.) And, of course, more of Michael’s own photos and noise reviews.

If the situation with international shipping continues to be on halt as of now, I really hope that a digital version of the new issue will be also available soon.

If you have the privilege to pre-order the zine, do it now! There are only 400 copies to be printed.



P.S. For a daily inspiration of great hardcore punk photos, don’t forget to follow @razorbladesandaspirin.

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