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13 Ripping, Raw, and Distorted as Hell Releases in Early 2019

Raw punk / d-beat / noise / fast hardcore / thrash you must hear this year

Fast, primitive and distorted DIY hardcore punk is still going strong in 2019!

New demo tapes, 7-inches and digital streams are constantly popping up from everywhere that it’s actually hard to keep up with all the new bands from all the over place.

In this list, you’ll find thirteen quick outbursts of raw punk, d-beat, fast hardcore thrash that were all released (or will be out very soon) in 2019!

1 Nuclear Power Genocide – Devastation of the Future

Nuclear Power Genocide – Devastation of the Future

Let’s start with the basics! N.P.G. is a new transcontinental classic kängpunk project with members of Toronto, Canada’s finest disrockers Absolut and Frösön, Sweden’s heavy mental punkdemonium 偏執症者 (Paranoid). You absolutely can’t go wrong with any band featuring Jocke D-Takt or anyone else of the people involved on this sick d-beat powerhouse.

2 Disguise – Bas Fada

Disguise – Bas Fada

Haling from Dublin, Disguise are taking the best out of the Japanese and Scandinavian schools of sound pollution to create an extremely violent and abrasive slab of hardcore punk that’s still damaging our eardrums in 2019. The six-track, ultra-chaotic, noise-drenched punk devastation “Bas Fada” is coming out very soon on Static Shock Records along with the Disguise’s European tour dates with our Aussie raw punk favorites GELD.

3 Physique – The Evolution of Combat

Physique – The Evolution of Combat
Photo by Convertido

If you’re not familiar with Olympia, WA’s Physique, you’re missing out a real kick in the teeth here. This band plays the most raging, off-the-chain, raw noise, d-beat punk “to fight the nightmarish reality of inept politicians, land stolen from indigenous peoples, gender struggles, genetic manipulations, Jesus-useless-Christ and impending nuclear war that we all live in.” After last year’s “PUNK LIFE IS SHIT”, Physique’s back with another sick record that’s guaranteed to bring an immense dose of chaos, destruction, and ear-bleeding tinnitus to your miserable lives. Their singer is called FUCKER and the tracks make bands like Disorder sound like classical music to me.

4 Mock Execution – Reality Attack

Mock Execution – Reality Attack

Mock Execution is a straight up raw, fast and distorted punk band from Chicago that released their debut 7″ on Martin Crudo’s Lengua Armada Discos. The band started around the late spring of 2018 featuring members of Kuu-jaat, Social Quarantine, Daily Ritual, and Varallinen. Two of the three members are actually immigrants from South and South East Asia. The singer/guitarist Spawn is originally from Kathmandu, Nepal, and bass player Thaib is from Singapore. The drummer, Joey, is the youngest member of the band and the only one who actually grew up in the Illinois area. Yes, I already wrote about their “Reality Attack” EP, but I just can’t help but include them in any article about raw punk in 2019.

5 Fluke – Holocene Extinction

Fluke – Holocene Extinction

Singapore’s hardcore punk assault Fluke is back with their second demo tape on PISSED OFF! Records. The new five-tracker “Holocene Extinction” dropped in February and is all about urgent environmental issues. No stop, all go; fast, angry and distorted hardcore punk to spin your head around for about 5 minutes. It’s a really short ride, but totally worth it.

6 Subversive Rite – Songs For The End Times

Subversive Rite – Songs For The End Times
Photo by Jaime-Salazar

Brooklyn, NYC’s punx Subversive Rite are back with ten blistering, distorted and raging weapons of mass subversion. The band has some of the best old-school style artwork, puncturing d-beats and catchy vocals in the genre. “Songs For The End Times” is an outstanding raw punk record, and I’ll totally recommend this to even the most picky of underground nerds out there.



Beyond Description is a band from Tokyo that started out in 1988. They were actually among the first Japanese bands that I’ve discovered during my teenage years. In their later records, the band significantly changed their sound from straight up crust to death metal, crossover and thrash. However, members of Beyond Description created DISCRIPT as a d-beat side project back in 1993. After decades of being inactive, DISCRIPT got back together recently and in February 2019 they’ve released their first new material since 1995!

8 Gouge – S/T

Gouge – S/T

Three songs of evil death-rock inspired hardcore punk of unknown origin have appeared on February 14th, 2019. This obscure band called Gouge is supposedly hailing from Japan and play some fantastic Rudimentary Peni rip-off, that is needless to say a fucking underground gem.

9 The Seeker – DEMO 2019

The Seeker – DEMO 2019

The Seeker’s six-tracker was probably the first demo tape I’ve heard in 2019, and I totally fell in love with it from a first listen. Based out in Milan, the band is actually comprised with members coming from diverse places like Italy, Slovakia, and the Philippines. Their music is supercharged on fastcore radness—think of Charles Bronson, Spazz, Magrudergrind mixed with the fun and politics of RAMBO. From the absolute killer opener “Bring me the head of Benny Mussolini” to their gritty jokes with mainstream punk in “Harry Poser” and “Week-end punx = must die”, this is a powerviolence revival at its best. Along with Germany’s Henry Fonda and Poland’s Limp Blitzkrieg, this is definitely my favorite European fast hardcore band right now.

10 BLAM! – S/T


When was the last time you’ve heard a decent powerviolence band in the tradition of Charles Bronson, MK Ultra, and KungFu Rick?  It seems the style still makes sense in South East Asia, and the Indonesian band BLAM! is right on track here. Their debut recordings were released on tape in 2018 but are finally getting a vinyl treatment for the fans in the States and Europe.

11 Heavy Discipline – Demo 2019

Heavy Discipline – Demo 2019

Heavy Discipline is a new rough hardcore punk outfit from Pittsburgh, PA. This full blown out hardcore racket features members of Blood Pressure, Hounds Of Hate, Curmudgeon, etc. Fast, dirty and blatantly unapologetic hardcore fury that hearkens back to the 1980s spirit. Really good stuff.

12 Angza – Импулс На Морбидно Себе

Angza – Импулс На Морбидно Себе

Macedonia recently changed its name to the Republic of North Macedonia due to the exhausting, decades-long dispute with Greece over the former Yugo republic’s name. The politics in this part of Europe are knee deep in shit for a long time now, but there’s also a small and vibrant DIY scene that you should be aware of. The two Macedonian bands that easily come to mind lately are the Disclose d-beat-raw-punk worshipers Disease and the heavyweight metallic crust of Born For Slaughter from Skopje. The new chainsaw-noise-massacre called Angza seems to feature members of both bands within their ranks. Dis hell of a noise is a pure pleasure for fans of Japanese bands like D-Clone,  System Fucker, or Folkeiis, and a real pain to almost anyone else.

13 Nervous SS – S/T

Nervous SS – S/T

Okay, here’s another one from Macedonia. At first glance, this is a rather goofy one-man project (see the cover artwork), but it’s actually better than a majority of the world’s raw d-beat punk bands right now. If you dig stuff like Besthöven, here’s Fofão’s brother in (dis)arms from the Balkans!

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