Rated X – United Front

UKHC x STRAIGHT EDGE x No more, no less.

rated-x-united-frontArtist: Rated X

Title: United Front

Release: LP / Digital

Year: 2020

Label: Painkiller Records

After two demos brimmed to the rim with righteous straight edge fury, Rated X makes a huge comeback with this first full-length album. If you’re into this aggressive, old-fashioned hardcore stuffed with stomping UK ’82 influences and in-your-face kind of straight edge attitude, you’ll agree the tracks on this record are by far some of the best shit released this year!

It comes as no surprise this new straight edge hardcore banger is another solo project of Tom Pimmlot doing his usual thing. The guy has been involved in basically all the crucial bands of the New Wave of British Hardcore, including the likes of Violent Reaction, Arms Race, The Flex, True Vision, Obstruct, Deadlock, Standpoint, etc.

United Front is a dirty dozen of raw, fast paced hardcore in the veins of classic 80s hardcore sound (think of The Abused, SSD, Straight Ahead), mixed with some heavy breakdowns as ignorant as if played by a gang of English football hooligans. Following the tried and tested formula of all Tom’s bands mentioned above, the album is a must have for anyone who loves their hardcore lean, mean and clean like that. Don’t sleep on this one! XXX

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