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Raivoraittius – Rehearsal for Destruction

Sex positive, queer insurrectionist, anarcho vegan, drug free youth resistance coming out of Turku and Tampere in Finland

Artist: Raivoraittius

Title: Rehearsal for Destruction

Release: Digital 

Year: 2014

Label: DIY

Being a big fan of the classic raw punk sound coming from Japan, Sweden or Finland, I’m always overly excited about finding recently established bands giving the old punk tunes a new twist. Above all the great bands coming from all over the world, I’ve been loving the Finnish punk scene more than anything else ever since I’ve heard “Russia Bombs Finland” compilation in my teenage years. The bands on Propaganda Records like Bastards, Kaaos, Terveet Kädet, Antikeho, Riistetyt, Maho Neitsyt that appeared on the legendary comp and others like Destrucktions, Kohu-63, Tampere SS, Rattus, Varaus, Poikkeustila, etc. are the epitome of raw hardcore punk for me, catchier and punker than anything else I’ve ever heard, more than Anti-Cimex or the UK classics.

The scene in Finland was one of the most nihilist and self-destructive at the time, so I would have to say that it’s sloppy to glorify the image of the drunk punx from the 80’s wherever they were, but hardcore punk is a subculture of contradictions. Later on, my curiosity led me to find an early 90’s Finnish raw hardcore punk band called Sairaat Mielet. Beyond the raw, distorted and extremely aggressive music, mohawks and combat boots, they were also militantly Straight Edge and released the controversial “Punk On Paskaa” (punk is shit) and “Tippa Tappaa” (a drop kills) EPs. While the late 90’s and 00’s SXE bands coming out of Finland focused on the contemporary American hardcore, metalcore or youth crew bands, I’m sure that Sairaat Mielet left their big X mark on the Finnish hardcore scene as well.

But it wasn’t until I found Raivoraittius that I’ve heard anything else like that. The band was formed around 2011 by the singer Janne and guitarist Camille, the former was already playing in the crust band Veloitus and the grindcore Büfo. When they found suitable members to form a political Vegan Straight Edge band that plays the classic 80’s raw Finnish punk sound they’ve recorded a demo and, what’s the most interesting, they did an extensive South East Asian tour. Playing gigs in Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines and Malaysia in the first year of your band’s existence seems like ultimate fun. Unfortunately it wasn’t until very recently that I found out they have a second demo called “Rehearsal for Destruction”, seems to me the band wasn’t very active in that time after their SE-Asia vacation.

These 5 new songs in Reherasal for Destruction are neither over or underproduced (produced is not an appropriate term for such kind of music anyway) but sound just how they should be rocking the classic Finnish punk tunes. It’s raw and distorted as hell! The band is not only explicitly political and vegan straight edge but also queer as fuck! The last song is a cover of Kaaos, which give them extra punk points in my review. You know, I’ve been waiting for ages to hear anything like that. Sex positive, queer insurrectionist, anarcho vegan, drug free youth resistance coming out of Turku and Tampere in Finland, playing the old Kaaos punk anthems at full speed ahead.

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