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RAGANA – Unbecoming

Unbecoming by the US experimental doom duo is a record that can smash you on the floor and lift you up in the same time


Artist: RAGANA

Title: Unbecoming

Release: CDr / Tape / Digital 

Year: 2013

Label: DIY

I came across RAGANA totally by chance, I’m pretty certain I can give this encounter to YouTube recommendations haha. Anyhow, I saw a live video of this very intriguing atmospheric doom duo, which impressed me both for the music these two girls played and for its unpretentiousness and purity as well. So I was quite excited not only to see they have studio recordings, but to figure out they also seem to have been already getting quite some support, judging by the fact all editions of Unbecoming, their latest record, have been sold out. Not to mention they have been able to play quite some shows around the USA for the past few years.

Unbecoming is simple and raw. It’s like a child game gone serious. RAGANA’s music is everything else but produced and perfect. Sometimes it sounds broken and that makes it so lively. It’s exactly as if you’re hearing the band playing in front of you, in your very own room. Unbecoming is dreamy and fragile, it’s more of an exploration rather than another artsy-fartsy concept that somebody’s trying to forcefeed you with.

Nothing like that. Unbecoming leaves you discover it on your own. So don’t be surprised if you get lost somewhere between its shoegaze-like passages, carried by simple clean melodies and spacey drumming. Don’t scream when the music wakes you up by suddenly climaxing in a harsh black metal outburst or raw doom break-down. In all cases you’ll be constantly lifted up by the feminine voices of the duo. That’s exactly how RAGANA’s music works and I find it perfect. First, it will feel like a stare into the stars, then it will grab you and smash you on the floor then voices will appear to pick you up and scattered your whole being over… everything.

Unbecoming is perfect in its imperfections, in its details and in its completely free form.

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