Racetraitor release “Invisible Battles Against Invisible Fortresses” on tape via U&P

Chicago political hardcore beast Racetraitor have cooked a special tape version of “Invisible Battles Against Invisible Fortresses”. The release comes out via Eastern European hardcore label Ugly and Proud Records. The cassette not only features the first new music to come out of the band in nearly 17 years, but the bonus track “By The Time I Get To Pennsylvania”, which has been so far only available on a limited edition flexi disc.

The “Invisible Battles…” tape version comes on four colors – solid silver, solid purple, light blue, solid sea grean. Each is limited to 50 copies only and available from Ugly and Proud Records. In the USA the tape will be available via Racetraitor, RevHQ and Headfirst! Records.

The tape is released with the official approval of Organized Crime Recods.

And for those who are big nerds, like us, here‘s a great interview with Racetraitor’s singer Mani Mostofi for you to read!

Angel S.

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