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Darmstadt's finest emotional post-hardcore band is back with a fantastic new record

pssgs two

Artist: PSSGS

Title: II

Release: Digital 

Year: 2016

Label: self-released

After their 2014 self-titled tape Darmstadt’s screamo band PSSGS are back again with a smaller, yet way more refined release. As you can guess “II” features just two pieces, which are conceptually linked. With this digital-only single (or whatever the format is) PSSGS have clearly made a huge step towards discovering their real sound. Sound-wise they have gone for a crystal clean production, sounding very round and organic. What’s most important it manages to perfectly capture their energy and vibe.

The two pieces are long and manage to go through interesting metamorphoses, which follow the emotional flow of the music and the music naturally progresses instead of being trapped in forms and shapes. Vocals have also reached the perfect spot, merging very-well intonated semi-spoken word passages with purely emotional and melodic singing. One of the strongest points of the record are the lyrics. Very introvert and self-centered, without falling in the usual trap for this music – namely to be too extensive and explanatory. They manage to balance between the purely figurative and what is clearly drawn for the routines we’re all obeying i.e. the everyday life we are all doomed to experience.

Now, after an EP and this small gem, I’m more than interested to finally see a full-length by PSSGS, because without a doubt they are on the right track.

Oh yes, just one thing. After finishing streaming “II” from the player we’ve put here head to their website, there you will find the whole artwork of the release with its astonishing paintings. I hope a physical version of that appears soon.

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