Furious Vegan Straight Edge Hardcore from Prague.

protijed-stresArtist: PROTIJED

Title: Stres

Release: LP / Tape / Digital

Year: 2019

Label: PUSHTEEK Records

This record kicks off with some raging metallic riffs, crushing breakdowns and a relentless angst that continues throughout the whole thing. Right up my alley, Prague’s PROTIJED brings to mind bands like SECT, Left For Dead, and Tragedy.

Yes, I’m throwing these references on purpose since I know that the US scene generally remains not really interested in what creeps out of the European underground, especially when a band doesn’t sing in English.

Featuring members of local straight edge legends Balaclava, along with many other bands from past to present (Kovadlina, Spes X Erepta, Gattaca, etc.), PROTIJED is a result of an unbridled passion and determination to the DIY ethos. With an explosive mixture of various influences and absolutely powerful vocals in their native Czech language, each song carries the strong belief that hardcore should always remain in opposition to all the bullshit of the mainstream culture.

Intense, deeply rooted in the political DIY scene, PROTIJED is a ferocious vegan straight edge hardcore from Czechia with a crusty punk twist that takes your breath away from the sheer strength.

“Straight edge is a punk attitude! Straight edge is the antidote!”

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