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Pointing Finger – Transcend EP

Faro Straight Edge

pointingfingerArtist: Pointing Finger

Title: Transcend

Release: 7″ EP

Year: 2002

Label: Commitment Records

Pointing Finger are a straight edge band from Faro, Portugal. Their 7” vinyl called ‘Transcend’ is one of our favorite Commitment Records releases.

This band is straight edge as hell, and the coolest thing about them is that they really, really sound young and pissed. Exactly the way youth crew hardcore should sound – like a reflection of everything that’s going on in the minds of bunch of pissed off kids full with desire to make a change.

The music is European hardcore at its finest which will satisfy fans of Hoods Up, Sportswear, True Colors and their American mates from The First Step and Insted. The final touch that makes ‘Transcendent’ such a nice release, from musical, lyrical and conceptual point of view, are the lyrics and their explanations for each songs. Sadly such a good band is not playing anymore. What a surprise…

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